dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Some talks

I'm watching tech talks less often these days. Most of the time, the talks are too long (45+ minutes). Nowadays, I don't even try to watch a talk about new piece of software or framework: if I want to spend my energy on these topics, I'd better play with an online tutorial.

Here are two talks videos I watched and liked lately. First one is Hammock Driven Development by Rich Hickey. He is the creator of Clojure programming language. In this talk, he explores the fact that we have 2 modes of thinking, the first in conscious and the second is unconscious and work by itself. It's about these "Eureka" moment that we experience as developers when we are away from the keyboard. You'll see why the hammock is a smart choice to enforce unconscious thinking!

The second talk is by Greg Young, who is known for his work on CQRS and Event Sourcing architecture patterns. He demands us to stop over engineering. It's OK not to automate all the stuff by programming. It's about the struggle the desire to show the power of our programmer brains by building over complicated frameworks.

Good watching!

PS: if you think videos on Youtube still last too long, you can increase or decrease speed with shortcuts shif+. and shift+,, look at this page to a more complete list of shortcuts.