About me.

My name is Romain Touzé, which is hard to pronounce when you don't speak French… I'm a software engineer living near Nantes in France. I'm interested in er… a lot of things like programming in Python but also Javascript, Java, C#, C, shell and even PLSQL, databases, architecture, entrepreneurship, teaching, learning. I'm also in the Agile fad: I've been a Scrum Master on a project and I've been trained to extreme programming. You can say I'm crazy about Test Driven Development as I write a load of articles about it. I also like to write about tooling, maybe because I like to make people now I enjoy using Vim.

As I wrote above, I've been trained to XP, but also to Oracle RDBMS administration and tuning, back in the days of 10g. That's quite useful in my current job. I've studied at the ENSERG, a French electronics engineering school from Grenoble INP in France. It's now known as Phelma school.

I'm working for Capgemini Technology Services. I've been involved on projects about network inventories and data warehouses for telcos as a software developer and a project manager. I'm now working on an insurance application. Technologies I've been using at work are Java EE, at the great days of EJB2, unix, Oracle and .Net.

I program things on my spare time to learn and with the goal of getting rich someday. Unfortunately, a big part of this time is taken by my family (my lovely wife and 3 kids) therfore I'm not rich yet (if you are a VC, there is a hidden message for you here ;)). Because I'm an idiot, you can see it for free on Github. Just kidding, I'm not an idiot, nor a nice person: remember I'm devoted to the promotion of myself!

About this blog

This blog is a way I choose to share about computer programming, to let you earn a bit of my great knowledge and experience. Because it's for self promotion, you can be sure that nothing here is exagerated :-).
Last thing: you'll find here my own points of view about stuffs, not those of the company I work for.

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