mercredi 20 septembre 2017

Recaptcha in Django

I've been writing a small website with Django these days. I wanted to put a form with a captcha to prevent an evil hacker from exploding my database quotas. So I looked at the popular Google's Recaptcha service.

According to documentation, when processing the form, you have to send a token to Google and analyze the response to actually validate the form. Well, OK, it's not so complex, but I expected a 2 minutes solution!

Fortunately, Django is easily extensible through third party apps. And an app exists for my reCaptcha purpose.

So the message here is: if you want to add an external service to your website, look at what Django has for you or if a Django app exists for that purpose.

You (are old and you) want to add an RSS / Atom feed? It comes directly with Django!

More on reCaptcha. If your want to see the current reCaptcha widget to let Google guess automagickly if you're a robot, add the option bellow to your


And a last word about privacy. Google's recaptcha uses DoubleClick and the fact that Google knows everything on everyone. I chose that because I believe that users are used to it and because of its simplicity. If privacy is an issue for you (it's legitimate), other kind of captcha exists: color based, math based, etc.