mercredi 23 novembre 2016

My talk at Pyconfr 2016

This year I got the chance to speak at the Pyconfr! It was motivating for me, as it is a national event and, as you may know, I really like Python.

I was a bit nervous, of course, but as trained myself before the talk, I gained confidence. It's a chance, because I was not so motivated to rehearse. But if I did not, my talk would have been lame. I mean, more that it actually was!

For the record, I submitted 2 talks at the CFP this year. The first one was about Hypothesis and property based testing. I really wished it would be accepted, as it would have motivated me to explore this library.

The one that has been accepted is Help, we to not have any Python project in my company, not so easy to present. You can watch the video here!

And, yes, it's in French.