mardi 23 août 2016

Playing with Tkinter

I committed to produce a GUI for an utility at work. My idea was to use Tkinter module in Python. It was a great pretext to use it for the first time!

Tkinter is a GUI toolkit provided with Python’s standard distribution. It’s great since it avoid the burden of installing an external dependency on target systems. I’m impressed because the development is really simple. I’ve faced far less difficulties that I had with wxWindow in the past (I’m also more experienced though).

Before coding I believed that the toolkit would produce bad looking UI. Actually that’s the case, unless you use themed widgets from ttk submodule.

I struggle to find decent documentation as there is too little documentation on Python’s website. I found something relevant here (doc also available in PDF). Stack Overflow takes care of the rest.

Epilogue: eventually the piece of software will be coded in vb.Net and integrated in a larger app. It’s a shame! By the way I had fun working with Tkinter.