mercredi 28 octobre 2015

State of my personal projects

I feel like to self promote my free time work.

As you may have seen, I’ve personal projects rotting on my public github repository. Here is a short presentation of them and their status.


wat2use4 is a instant poll service. You post a question, send the URL to your fellow friends and let them give you advices. They can vote for a spectific term, prefixing it with a # sign (how, that’s original!). You can see the top 5 popular terms in a result box and the 10 last advices in the result timeline. Results are updated on the poll page at every vote. It’s based on Node, MongoDB and SocketIO. This is my hipster attempt, though it’s based on already old tech!

I created it because I often have a need to ask a question to fellow friends and want a quick feedback, so that I can make a decision quickly.


I store my config files, mainly for vim, zsh and tmux, in dotfiles project, so that I have a quick access to them if I have to use a new computer. There’s nothing sophisticated here, because as I don’t edit them that often, I do not want to scratch my head for hours when I read them.


event_sourcing_example stores the source code that goes with these articles.


theRoofIsOnFire is a project I started to train myself with Django. Its goal is to help you to use burndown charts to visualize what the remaining amount of work needed to get your projects done. Physical charts are cumbersome to update daily and MS Excel charts are boring. Here, the chart is rendered in Svg. The UI was fun to make but I guess I had too big expectations regarding my available time. It works by the way.

Initially, I wanted to build a Saas app, gain money with it, but I preferred publish it because I can’t find the energy to make it viable for the moment. And I think it deserves a complete rewrite.


vim-teamforge is essentially a syntax file to edit teamforge wiki pages in Vim. I have a problem with link escape using ~ that I did not fix yet.


I’m so proud of yapong! This is a stupid clone of classical Pong game, made with pygame toolkit. By the way, it make me learned the logic behind 2D video games, and I had a lot of fun programming it. I have a idle project of a shoot them up also, but I have difficulties to make pygame work well on OSX. I think I gonna go into Phaser to do it.


GAabo is an application make with Python and WxWidget. I used it to manage subscription for a French magazine called Grandir Autrement. I happened to volunteer for it, so I can say I ate my own dog food after scratching my own itch! Every month, to send the issues, the app generates the listing to produce routing tags.

I’m proud of this one to since it proved myself that I could create an app from A to Z. This particular project made me realize that I am a genuine programmer. OMG, I’m sure that the code is terrible!

That’s it for today. Feel free to play with this stuff if you want to!