vendredi 9 janvier 2015

Is it responsible to push Python on my professional project

I'm a huge fan of Python programming language and I can't prevent myself to push Python scripts in my professional projects. In a way, it's no big deal since it's not deliverable code but some tooling to automate stuff (project build, document generation, etc.). And guys, Python is simple to learn, right?!

However, I have a bad felling about this. Indeed, it's rare that my teammates know enough Python to be able to maintain these scripts efficiently. Eventually, I remain the main user and maintainer of these tools and I don't know if the usage is continued when I leave a project.

My other objective is to share my passion for this particular language and to promote it. In return, this initiative is not often taken seriously. Maybe it's because developers in my teams has bad experience with Python, maybe it's because they still think that dynamic languages are toys. Maybe it's because they think that Python addresses the gnu-linux-geeks and that real developers use Java a C#.

Meanwhile, sometimes some developers get into it and discover that the language worths learning.

So it does not discourage me, because I'm aware of what Python has to offer. I take it as opportunities to share it with people. It motivates me to go deeply into it in order to teach it to teams.

Is it irresponsible to introduce Python on projects? Of course, it is! Will I keep on doing it anyway? Sure I will!

Maybe some of my team mates will be thankful when they'll get the job they're secretly dreaming of in a Python shop in the Bay Area!